Oh Elvis. Number 8. All he ever wanted to do was to win the Wacky Quacky Rubber Ducky Race and make his owner proud. But he was a bit of a nearsighted loner who kept to himself in the bath. Even when there were huge splash parties and raucous games of chicken (I mean, really, he’s a duck with minimal shoulders), he stayed to the sidelines and sipped on a non-carbonated drink.

You see, Elvis didn’t have the patience to practice and make himself a better swimmer. He’d try to make himself faster by doing laps in the bath when everyone else was asleep but he would get bored and just bob around aimlessly or see how big a bubble he could blow before running out of air.

But the day Pinky (a raspberry-toned rubber duck) appeared and took an interest in Elvis, everything changed.

Splash forth to read his story!