Ranga Creative is really just me, Alison Taylor Giannoni.

I’ve had a foot in the design industry for a long time now. I have experienced working in-house for a non-profit organization all the way to designing for a worldwide consulting firm. I spent many years working in print before taking on the web — with an emphasis on design, not a lot of the heavy technical lifting.

My design career started with working for Boston Ballet as their first in-house graphic designer. I put all the program guides together, designed subscription pieces, and created the always exciting Nutcracker Souvenir Book.

I was compelled to move to Chicago after the Ballet (yes, there was a boy involved) and ended up with a design firm where I worked directly with international clients such as Hyatt Hotels. However, I eventually started missing the east coast and came on back (yes, we broke up).

Once I settled back in Beantown, I became a designer for a consulting firm, The Forum Corporation, where I designed marketing materials, killer Powerpoint presentations, and everything in-between. I even did a month-long stint in London working on an HR intranet site. Foreshadowing perhaps?

However, the draw of working with the non-profit world brought me to Public Interactive where I worked for over four years with public radio and television stations in integrating content into their existing sites. I designed a bunch of templates that locally published content would flow into, as well as managed the redesign of a few public radio station websites. It’s also where I started my long-term work relationship with the lovely folks of the well-known NPR radio show Car Talk.

My last stint in the States was a few years with a small design firm combined with working out of my own studio. I then made my way over to England (yes, there was a boy involved) and settled here (this one stuck).

I have been flying solo as a freelance designer for the past five years. I work with both local UK businesses and a handful of my precious State-side clients. For a more colorful view of my life, check out my Car Talk bio. Or, for a serious, straight-forward approach, here’s my traditional résumé.

In my non-design life, I’ve produced a TV pilot for a sitcom I wrote called “Everyone’s Business.” Check out the trailer! I’ve also written short fiction and a few screenplays. For a fun read, here’s a social commentary piece I wrote titled Love in the Slow Lane. I’m now about a quarter of the way through a young adult novel. Oh what fun to write in the mindset of a 13-year-old boy. I’m loving it.

I live on the outskirts of Manchester with my husband Steve (who I can thank for the wicked Italian last name) and our 7-year-old pirate son Lukas. He’s the one who’s inspired me to delve into writing for children to see where it takes me next.