Adventures in writing

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I dug up one of my screenplays last month to enter into the NYWIFT Writers Lab competition which was open to women over 40 (ugh, that’s me) and they only select 8 participants for a weekend workshop at Lake George, NY. Yes, I’m eligible because I’m still a US citizen and yes I’d have to pay my way over there but it would be such an incredible experience. I wasn’t sure whether to rework Queen B, my historical teen adventure story about a present day American girl who accidentally travels back in time to the world of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn or Unraveled about an early 40s young adult book author who gets knocked up after a one-afternoon-stand in a museum file room.

Knocked Up. Yep, it’s similar to that film. Except, I swear I wrote it before that came out! Felt a bit overdone so I went with Queen B. Sure, there’s plenty of films about Anne Boleyn (The Other Boleyn Girl probably being the most recent) but with a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure twist? I don’t think so!

So I got it all edited, updated, etc., and wrote a 500 word synopsis (that was harder than it sounds), a 500 word personal statement and a log line and got online to apply.

Then what do I do? I paste in the synopsis and statement in the right places, then go edit the synopsis in Word, then paste it again but over my statement!!! Then I hit submit! When I saw a summary of my application I was like, why is that there twice?

What the heck did I just do?

OMG. What an idiot! I nearly just about cried. I called the NYWIFT office to see what I could do and it was pretty much “nothing.” Great. I could resubmit then send a groveling email to the office to tell them what I did and hope for the best. And that’s pretty much all I could do. Then I had my husband telling me it’ll be fine and my son asking if I’d won. Thanks for the support, boys.

So while I wait to hear whether I got in or not (chances anyway? slim to none) but I have the extra bonus of wondering if my screenplay even got read because I made such a dopey mistake that they probably love because it means one less script to read!!

Deep breath.

There you have it. Confessions of a wishful over 40 female screenwriter. Should feeling good about the work I did on my script be enough?