Ranga? Australian slang for redhead

Ranga? Australian slang for redhead

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No, I’m not Australian (American, actually) but early photos prove that I, Alison Taylor Giannoni, have been a redhead since forever.

The year I was three was the year my sister (12 at the time whose alter ego was named Tiffany Taylor) got her first camera. I was her first subject. She must have asked me to take a break from playing marbles in that awesome ’70s shag carpet to pose for her. And pose I did. (Wow. I kind of look like Syndrome from The Incredibles kissing Charlie McCarthy.) But that was all a very long time ago.

Speaking of which, It has taken me an unbelievably long time to revamp my website. It just always took a backseat (more like tied to the bumper and forgotten about). My previous site was all about me as a graphic designer with a smattering of writing. But as time’s gone by (and at breakneck speed it seems), the balance has changed. I still do some design work but I’m also slowly building up a body of children’s stories with the hopes they’ll take me down a new path. Plus, I’ve been itching to write regularly again. It’s been way too long.

My latest design work is here as I still enjoy the challenge and variety of clients, but I’m also looking to share my writing and anything else creative (by me, the redhead, get it?) that might be vaguely interesting.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?